The world's professional bearing manufacturer

XXBearing Company overview

XX Bearing Large Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the world's professional bearing manufacturer.

Founded in 1998, it has been focused on the design, production, sales, marketing and service of bearings. After 20 years of experience, our bearings have flown to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Our professional technical team:
We have 280 employees, 15 experienced engineers and 30 professional technicians. All of our bearings are designed in CAD and manufactured to the customer's specific requirements. Our technical team can also verify safety and reliability based on load conditions and raceway strength as well as gear and bolt connections.

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XXBEARING world professional bearing manufacturer.

Our Values


Dedicated to provide you with high quality and cost-effective bearings


30 professional engineers provide you with comprehensive technical solutions


Quickly help you solve all your problems with bearings and deliver goods quickly.

High-rated Bearing

XXBEARING specializes in manufacturing high quality bearings